Layer Guides Photoshop Extension

Posted on May 15, 2013

After last week’s fun with Photoshop actions I wanted to see what other workflow itch I could scratch.

This time I wanted to take a stab at making a Photoshop extension so I created a simple one for adding guides. Layer Guides places guides around a layer (top, right, bottom, and left sides) and also on its vertical or horizontal center.

Layer Guides for Photoshop

Placing guides on one or all of the sides of a layer is something I do fairly regularly. Having an extension that will help me do this with one click instead of dragging and placing a guide exactly on the edge of the layer will save me a lot of time. I hope you find this useful.

Downloading the extension

You can download the action here or visit the Github repository.


If you installed an older version of this extension manually (by moving files inside your Photoshop folder) you need to remove it before installing an update.

To uninstall the old version you can delete the folder [Your Photoshop Folder]/Plug-ins/Panels/Layers Guide.

Download the latest version of the extension and open it with Adobe Extension Manager.

Restart Photoshop and make sure you show the panel by going to Windows/Extensions and clicking on Layer Guides if this isn’t checked.


With a layer selected click on any of Layer Guides’ buttons to create a guide.

Version History


  • Packaged extension as an .zxp for Adobe Extension Manager.
  • Fixed bug where vertical and horizontal center buttons had switched functionality.