Color Scheme Designer
iPhone App Concept


Color Scheme Designer* is an amazing web tool that helps designers create quick color palettes. I've been using it for years almost on a daily basis and it has become an invaluable part of my workflow. The site currently doesn't offer a mobile optimized experience so I took the design challenge to concept an iPhone app that provides the same functionality.

First things first

The idea for this project came to me on a 3 hour train ride. In that time I identified the key features and functionality from CSD I wanted to have in the app. I then sketched some early concepts before jumping into Photoshop.

Simple & quick

Aesthetically, I wanted this app to feel like a simple tool. However, I wanted the 3 main interactions (color wheel, color scheme selector and adjustment controls) to be on the main screen.

Color Schemes

Being able to quickly change color schemes is key when experimenting with color palettes. The app makes it ease to move from one scheme to the other without taking the user to another screen away from the project.

Scheme Adjustments

As with the Color Scheme panel, the Scheme Adjustments bottom navigation allows for easy experimentation without taking the user to another screen.

Using your Colors

This wouldn't be a very useful tool if you couldn't save or export your color schemes for use in your favorite graphics editor. This panel also provides a preview of the 20 colors in your scheme.


*Neither I nor this concept are associated with the great folks at This was just a fun personal design challenge.

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