31 things

Posted on January 06, 2012

Last December was a busy month but I had some time to work on a small personal project I’ve been thinking about for months. 31 things is a small experiment to force me to think of my possessions and get rid of stuff I don’t need. I would like to think of it as the first step in a bigger plan to go back to the basics.

31 Things

The idea was simple: I needed to get rid of one thing every day. Most of the items where old books or tools that have been collecting dust but that I could donate or even sell in some cases. The result of this experiment was less stuff and more room for me. Of course, this was also an opportunity to design an interactive infograph to track these items and to play with some CSS and Javascript. I built a simple responsive layout with a timeline and some of the numbers from this project. I also used this as an opportunity to play with LESS and Highcharts.