Photo gallery

Posted on July 05, 2010

Last weekend I worked on a small personal project I’ve been meaning to play with for a long time. I’ve always wanted to have a daily photo gallery to force me to work more on my photography. There is definitely room for improvement in this area and producing a daily piece will hopefully help me improve.


I didn’t want this project to take a lot of time from a web design/development perspective because I wanted the focus to be on the photography.  I primarily wanted to be able to post images easily. For that reason I chose a nice jQuery plugin which integrates very easily with Wordpress. Fullscreenr allows background images to fill the current screen without changing the aspect ratio.  I also took a look at another jQuery plugin but I found it had too many features I didn’t need and the image quality wasn’t as good as Fullscreenr’s.

Not a perfect solution

This implementation meets the basic expectations I had for the Daily Photo but, after testing on different monitors, and I’m not happy with how the images get cropped on different monitors. Details get lost and images loose their charm. This not the plugin’s fault but rather a reality web designers must deal with: there is currently a big variety screen/device resolutions out there which must be taken into account when designing websites. In this case, given that this photo gallery is a personal project, I decided to compromise and optimize for the majority of devices. Thus, I’ll be working on figuring out what resultion is optimal based on current screen standards and analytics of who visits my site.  I will hopefully find the magic number in the next couple of weeks and will adjust my images to that.

I’m also planing on fixing some bugs I noticed on iPhones and will do testing on the iPad.