WordPress for iPhone 2

Posted on October 31, 2009

A new version of the WordPress for iPhone app was released a couple of days ago. This new version includes enhancements to the interface and bug fixes. You can find the complete list at the official blog for the app.

First impressions

Writing this post using the application, here are my first impressions:

New Interface

I like the slickness and ease of use of the new UI. In particular, I find it much easier to navigate through my blog content in 2.0 compared to the previous version.


I’m not sure whether this is caused by my phone or something else but this new version seems to be a tad slower than the previous one. I would be interested to see what other people’s experiences are in regards to the interface’s performance.


I found the upgrading process somewhat frustrating. I originally learned of this new version via Twitter and immediately went to the App Store app to download the upgrade. I was quite confused when the new version didn’t display on the updates list. It took me a visit to the app’s site  to learn this version required a new installation independent from v.1.


Overall, I like what Automattic did with this new version of  WordPress for iPhone. I’m not sure I’m quite ready yet to begin blogging exclusively from my iPhone but this app is definitely making it easier.